3 main philosophies of sexual reflexology in Taoism

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For a thousand years, the philosophies of sexual reflexology are one of the most important Taoism philosophies. Thanks to the understanding about sexual reflexology in Taoism, we can shed light on the methods which can help to improve our sex life and the overall quality as well as the meaning of life.

Chances are you have heard it before.

Women need love, Men need sex

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

In general, according to the sexual reflexology in Taoism, the symbol of the sexual reflexology of men is Yang. On the contrary, the sexual reflexology of women is Yin.

Of course, you may have sex for hundred times or thousand times in your adult life. However, have you ever wonder why it is really hard for us to experience an orgasm? Making love is not as great as you hope. One-night love can make us feel a little happy. Then, we are no longer happy. For those in a relationship: have you ever feel bored with your partner’s sex style? Or, on a beautiful day, you realize that you lack sexual desire. The simple and happy thing of adults, making love, is not always as easy as you think. In fact, the sex life is not all about an orgasm, pretending to moan, or how long does it take for him to ejaculate.

In the perspectives of sexual reflexology in Taoism, making love is really an art form of the harmony between both the body and soul of two persons.


Sexual Reflexology in Taoism for Healing Love

Mentioning the harmony of people, Taoism philosophies are one of the greatest philosophies in the world. Taoism talks about the harmony and transformation between Essence, Qi, and Spirit in the human body. It also reflects the harmony between a man and a woman. And the most prominent expression of the great connection between them is sex. Through having sex and building a really meaningful relationship which can make them feel rejuvenated, they find the strong and deep connection.

Sexual reflexology is the complex concept in Taoism practices for Healing Love. Simply, it means the practitioners use the sexual energy for the health of body, mind, and spirit. You can practice them alone by yourself, or with your partner. Fortunately, you will be healthier and improve the quality of your relationship. Besides that, these Taoism sexercises are very helpful for those getting with sexual trouble, like premature ejaculation, or lacking sexual urge.

Women's sexual energy looks like the water.
Women’s sexual reflexology is as the same as the water. Men should be patient to heat women’s sexual power.


1. Understanding The Difference between Men and Women in Sex Life

Maybe, you have heard “Women need love, men need sex”? And, have you ever noticed the symbol of Taoism, the Yin and Yang circle? The difference between men and women in sexual energy is as same as Yin and Yang circle. Men’s sexual energy look like Yang element, and women’ sexual energy is the Yin power. This difference is real. We should accept it. Without understanding the opposition about sexual energy between men and women can lead us to unnecessary arguments.

You think if you this, he or she will like it. Unfortunately, the harmony in sexual energy between partners does not belong in the way you “think”. The more we try to fight against the fact, the harder it will hurt you. Thus, we should learn to get used to the typical characteristic of the sexual energy of each other.

Men’ Sexual Energy is Fire. Women’ Sexual Energy is Water.

According to Taoism philosophies, the symbol of women’s sexual energy is the water. It needs time to be hotter and it can maintain the heat longer. That is the reason why women love the foreplay. Let you start by a deep kiss by your tongue and touch on her body gently. Moreover, after your ejaculation, she still needs to feel your love. Don’t fall asleep immediately after you have done. Let you say that you love her so much or her underwear is so hot.

How about men’s sexual energy? It is really the transformation of the fire, in the Taoism perspectives. Men should learn to control the ejaculation so as to feel the orgasm not only on the penis but also the whole body. Additionally, by transforming Essence (sperm) to Qi (sexual energy), each man can become a sex fiend. He can also awake the power of love inside himself.

The goal of sexual reflexology in Taoism is to create the continuous energy exchange harmoniously. In making love, a woman makes the center of man’s emotion or man’s love awake. On the contrary, a man brings the fire to the silent lake of a woman’s center of sexual energy. In other words, women are the owner of the emotion, but men are the boss of the sexual energy. They need to help each other awake the rest power. By establishing a suitable and closed connection to the center of love and sexual energy of each other, they will find it happy together.

the difference in sexual reflexology between men and women
Understanding and accepting the difference in sexual reflexology of each other is the essential steps in building a relationship.


2. Making Preparation with Qigong Meditation Small Heavenly Circuit

Qigong Meditation Small Heavenly Circuit or Microcosmic Orbit is the basic step in Taoism practices of sexual reflexology. This practice aims at developing the balance of Qi within yourself.

Let you imagine, the Microcosmic Orbit looks like the highway in your body that all Qi move through on. The smooth movements of Qi through the Microcosmic Orbit play a significant role in stimulating the fresh Qi for the body. Moreover, it is very essential for deleting the bad Qi inside you. Therefore, before joining in other practices of sexual reflexology in Taoism practices of Healing Love, you should practice Qigong meditation small heavenly circuit.

For detail, you can consider reading “How to Practice Qigong Meditation Small Heavenly Circuit”. In short, this step will help your mind relax and the Qi move around your body naturally.


3. Practicing Sexual Healing Prayers for The Harmony of Your Relationship

While making love, both of you become the oneness. You can remember the symbol Yin and Yang in Taoism. The Yin is in Yang and vice versa. The Bible also talks about this through the story of Adam and Eva. Eva is born by the rib of Adam. It means both men and women are relying on each other. Thanks to having sex, the men and women have the chances to discover about their partner’s body as well as understand more about themselves.

Sexual Healing Prayers are the useful Taoism practices for men and women harmonize with each other and become the perfect oneness. They are really the highest level of Taoism sexology. In fact, they are all about giving themselves for their loved ones. The greatness goes beyond all normal sexual desire. In this practice, they will experience themselves and the perfect harmony of Yin and Yang.

How to Practice Sexual Healing Prayer?

Time: In the early morning or before bedtime.

Position: Sitting cross-legged in front of your partner. Putting the hands on the knees. Let woman’ palms are upward and, and those of man palm down. Both of your palms must get exposed to each other.

Breath: Simultaneously, both of you inhale deeply, then exhaling. Repeat it again. This Qi practice will help you feel the harmony in the energy of each other. Feeling the exchange energy in the palms. Experiencing the flow of energy from the top of your head to the whole body. And don’t forget to enjoy the harmony between the energy of the universe with your own energy. Finally, you will witness the strong and intimate relationship with both of you and the universe.

sexual reflexology in Taoism through practice prayers healing love
Let you breathe together at the same rate, then both of you can feel the harmony of the body and soul. Connecting to our breath means to make a strong connection to our soul.


In Conclusion, 3 Main Philosophies of Sexual Reflexology in Taoism are:

  1. Understanding and Accepting The Difference Between Men & Women in Sexual Life.
  2. Maintaining The Balance of Essence, Qi, and Spirit within Each Person.
  3. Building A Relationship Based on The Harmony in Both Body and Soul

In conclusion, mentioning Taoism sexual reflexology in Taoism for details, and sexual energy in general, they are all about the harmony. The harmony between the sexual energy of men and these of women. And, especially, the harmony between human and universe.

Without the balance of Essence, Qi, and Spirit in each one, how can we express our emotion or sexual energy?

Without understanding and accepting of each other, how can we find the same mindset and goal in a relationship?

Finally, without the harmony in both body and soul, how can we build and develop a fulfilling relationship?

Taoism knows how to make a good relationship between human beings and the universe. Likewise, Taoism also knows the methods to establish wonderful experience between the individuals. If you’re looking for some practices to heal your relationship or improve your sexual life, understanding the main philosophies of sexual reflexology in Taoism and apply them to your daily lives will bring you a lot of positive changes.

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