Achieving The Most Satisfied State in Love by Tantra Yoga

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Tantra Yoga is a very special kind of yoga. It uplifts the most powerful and creative life force. This is the power of the union of an in- love couple and the Universe. That is the reason why some people misunderstand that Tantra Yoga is just about the passion and practices for achieving the most pleasure state in the communication between the man’s body and the woman’s body.

However, it is unique among religious beliefs. Tantra Yoga is a spiritual practice that honors the human’s growth in spirituality and Cosmic Connection. The improvement in sexual life is just the first step in the spiritual ladder that Tantra Yoga practitioners will experience.

In fact, the quality of sexual life is very important for the adult’s mood. Thus, practicing Tantra Yoga is not only helpful for people to improve sexual performance but also lead them to the union with the cosmic awareness.


Before Tantra Yoga, Let Us Begin to Discover about The Spiritual Satisfaction
The Union between the human and Cosmic Awareness.

Let us discover further information about spiritual improvement. Have you ever wondered why looking at a baby’s eyes can bring us more pure joy than an adult’s face? This is because the eyes of children are so present and look like the pure water tank. In contrast, the adult’s eyes usually reflect their own sorrow, worry, disappointment or other bad moods. Their eyes rarely show the most satisfied state, even in the sexual life where they can express their natural instinct.

In other words, Tantra itself means “to weave, to expand, and to spread”. Tantra is to weave the fabric of life which are woven by the natural patterns. In Indian tradition, the fabric of life is can lead people to the true and everlasting fulfillment. And, this true and everlasting fulfillment covers both material pleasures and spiritual aspirations.

As we were a baby or a kid, our life formed itself by the natural pattern. We were easily happy and satisfied. However, when we got older, our mind was always busy with thinking about sorrow, worry, disappointment. Moreover, we live under the pressure of fear, the false morality. Even when people make love with their partners, a way to enjoy themselves and share the most satisfied state,  they can’t enjoy to the fulfillment state.

As a result, we have disfigured our natural fabric gradually because we can’t satisfy ourselves at the lowest level of spiritual ladder. Then, how can we climb up to a higher level of spiritual aspiration? Of course, a sudden thought will appear and tell you that: “No, sex is guilty./ We should save our first sex time for the last one./ A woman should be decent in bed…“. Especially, those thoughts tend to be very popular in Asian cultures. If we did not admit our natural instinct as an apparent thing, who would do it and how would you live happily?


The Ancient Indian People Know More about Spiritual Life Than Us Nowadays, Do You Believe?
The Union. (Source: VisionLab/Pinterest)

Tantra is derived from the combination of two words “tattva” and “mantra”. The word “tattva” means the science of cosmic principles. And the word “Mantra” means the science of mystic sound and vibrations. Hence, Tantra is an art of application of cosmic sciences with an aim of attaining spiritual development.

Tantra honors the sacred union of male and female energies and the union with the cosmic awareness. It determines the hidden part of human personality. This hidden part covers the feminine qualities in men and masculine qualities in women. The discovery of this part aims to maintain the great balance of human life: helping humans to grow in spirituality and cosmic connection.

Based on the history of Tantra, we can say that Tantra Yoga is the most ancient religious or spiritual practice in the world. Tantra has a known history going back at least 7000 years. Before Kamasutras, the Buddhism, Tantra Yoga had appeared. Nowadays, we can find the closed connection between Pranayama, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yaga, Nada Yoga, Mandala, Rituals, Mantra with each other and they blend perfectly in the Tantra Yoga discipline.

We can say that Tantra is one of the most neglected Indian practice branches. However, it was also one of the most important Indian tradition. Tantra played the main part in the Vedic tree and reflects the practical aspect of Vedic tradition. In the Tantra discipline, they worshiped either Goddess Shakti (the essence of consciousness) or Lord Shiva (the essence of power).


So, What Is Tantra Yoga?

According to Sadhguru, Tantra is the technology that can be an instrument of life. It means you can use it as a helpful method to stimulate your energies to make things happen.

“If you make your energies work upon your heart to become utterly loving and you can burst forth with enormous love that just overwhelms everyone, this is also tantra.”


We can see that Tantra Yoga helps us to love, to lead our spiritual life to a higher level. You not only love yourself but also let your love nourish everyone.

“If you make your physical body enormously powerful to make it do incredible feats, this is also tantra. Or if you can make your energies do things by itself without employing the body, mind or emotion, this is also tantra.”


Does it sound great? By practicing Tantra Yoga, you can make things happen without any effort of the body, mind, or emotion.


Some Suggested Tantra Yoga Postures for You
Practicing Tantra Yoga for the couple
Practicing Tantra Yoga for the couple. (Source: Vector Stock).
The Boat Pose

In this position, you sit in front of your partner. While the woman is sitting on the man’s leg and both of you keep eyes contact, let the woman extend her arm’s around the man’s back and vice versa. Both of you place the soles of the feet against each other and making a connection. This position is helpful for strengthening the lower back muscles and stretching.


Hand to Heart Pose

Like the boat pose, both of you sit opposite to each other and maintain eyes contact. While you are looking at your partner, let you put your right hand on your partner’s heart, then you continue by placing your left hand over your partner’s right hand. Next, you tune in. While you are doing this routine, the most important thing you need to know is to concentrate on your partner’s breath and try to align your breath with your partner’s. This will help to bring both of you the harmony.


The Yab Yum Pose

As the same as the boat pose, the couple is in the cross-legged position and face to face with each other. The woman or the smaller one sits on top of the other’s thigh and place the ankles behind the other’s back. Rather, in this position, there are four things to remember. First of all, both of the couple’s foreheads touch each other gently. Second, the couple needs to take the deep and slow breath so that they can harmonize their breath. However, if the couple feels better to look at each other’s eyes, let do this. Third, they have to close their eyes to concentrate better on their breath. And, finally, the couple need to keep their back straight. This practice is proven to balance the energy between the couple very well.


Why Not Trying Tantra Yoga? It Is Really Helpful For Your Sexual Life.

Tantra Yoga can lead your spiritual life to the next level. Before attaining the cosmic awareness, at first, you totally can satisfy your spiritual life by expanding the quality of your sexual life.

According to many Tantra Yoga practitioners, Tantra Yoga is extremely beneficial in strengthening relationships and enhancing intimacy among couples. It can help the couple feel more connected to not only the body but also the soul. Therefore, we can say that it is a useful method for you to feel “real love“. The thing called “the highest level of love is the most satisfied state of the body and soul of between the couple” can be achieved through practicing Tantra Yoga.

Thus, if you and your partner are looking for spiritual resolution, then Tantra Yoga is a good advice for you. It is promisingly to lead to the better sexual life. This is also the basic step in the spiritual ladder to the union with cosmic awareness.

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