Discovering Great Benefits of Meditation You May Not Know

Meditation Boosts Our Health And Happiness

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People have witnessed the great benefits of meditation for ages. We all know that the Buddha is the first man in the world who came up with the enlightenment after 49 days of continuous meditation. It is time for us to take the advantages of meditation to live a healthier and happier life.

What Is Meditation?

In Buddhism, meditation is the means of transforming our mind to awake, to attain enlightenment. By meditation, humanity can realize their inner beings, or be called Buddha nature.

Nowadays, we can consider meditation to be a system of self-discovery which occurs through our communication with inner self. The easiest way to meditate is to close your eyes and follow your breath. First of all, we should take a deep breath in a peaceful environment. Then, we will clear our mind before being able to aware of the connection between your mind and universe.

Meditation Helps You Stay Healthy

Much of our daily life is spent in our head, and our mind is always busy with thinking too much. People let their mind immerse in the world of anger, hatred, fear, and suspicious – the negative, destructive emotions. Then they can get a physical or mental illness, feel over stressful, and feel no love or happiness at all.

We all know that the positive mental attitude brings us joy, but the destructive emotions just lead us to pain. According to the Laws of Attraction, everything we experience that is ultimately linked to our minds. If we think negatively, we will be unhappy, and vice versa.

Therefore, the only way to live a healthy life is to clear our mind. We have to increase the power of constructive emotions in order to live a happy and joyful life. But, how?

People come up with the resolution in meditation. It can meet the demands of humanity in taking care of our mind’s health. It looks like a pathway for our head to get escape from all of the negative thoughts because when somebody practice meditation, they pay attention to inner values, to the inner sciences of the mind.

The Great Benefits of Meditation

Let us take a step closer to some positive effects of meditation.

Positive Physical Advantages

First of all, practicing regular or daily meditation can help reduce high blood pressure. As a result, it can minimize the risk of heart attack and reverse heart disease.

Some mindfulness meditation programs have a significant increase in immune function. So, this practice assists to enhance the body’s immune system, reduce pain, heal yourself from sickness and enable your body to better fight disease.

People who meditate at least 10 minutes daily before bedtime can have a deeper and more restful sleep than those are non-meditator. Because meditation has a great effect on the quality of sleep, it increases grey matter in our brain and working memory. Meditation can result in brain changes that protect against mental health conditions. It is said that rapid memory recall improves with daily meditation. It also helps your brain be healthier. Your brain will be improved resiliency, therefore it will be easier for you to keep working toward a goal in the face of obstacles.

Significant Psychological Effects

Immersing in the world of meditation look like taking a trip to your inner mind and get escape from all of the negative things which can prevent us from being relaxed and fulfilled. It is truly a practice to help you build and maintain our internal energy and develop patience, forgiveness, and compassion. We can say that mediation seems to be an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and learn to love yourself.

The Age of Enlightenment - The goal of meditation isn't to control your thoughts - benefits of meditation
The Age of Enlightenment – The goal of meditation isn’t to control your thoughts…

For examples, some robust evidence shows that meditative therapies may be an effective treatment for patients with anxiety symptoms. Individuals with the highest levels of stress can decrease symptoms by taking part in a mindfulness meditation. The pervasive effect on the stress of meditation is examined and that is the reason why more and more modern people who work in competitive have tried to experience various styles of mediation to balance their spiritual life.

Furthermore, meditation helps elderly feel less lonely. Meditation can also conquer the biggest and most common fears in society such as extinction (the fear of death), separation (the fear of becoming a non-person-not valued by anyone else), loss of autonomy (the fear of being controlled by circumstances beyond our control) – especially with the elderly.

Additionally, meditation improves creativity. According to some studies, students who are trained in mindfulness meditation achieve higher grades. So, it will be a dismiss if people at the young age don’t try meditating once in their lifetime.

Personal Development

It is obvious that when we meditate, we spend time with ourselves to get access to an inner voice. By listening to our inner wisdom, we improve communication with ourselves. In meditation, we take us within ourselves.  Eventually, we are free in our mind and become the creator of our own life.

Another great benefit of meditation is to increase positive emotion, emotional intelligence. Meditation helps us to process emotions. You will learn to leave all negative feelings such as anger, hatred, fear, jealous away from your mind. You get used to controlling you feeling and think about positive things naturally. It is very meaningful for us to meditate and respect all things happened in our life.

Moreover, it can increases self-awareness, taps into your inner leader, encourages you to stay true to yourself and align more fully with your core values. Spending time in meditation is also a good way to invest in yourself, boost you to achieve joyful living as a daily thing. In fact, many meditators believe that meditation helps them learn to accept failure and look at failure as an opportunity to open new possibilities or path in their life.

Boosting Our Health And Happiness

Finally, it will boost our overall health and happiness. Of course, we all look forward to being healthy and living happily. In order to achieve this greatest goal of humanity, massive courses are created and millions of articles are written to guide people. However, the easiest and most natural way to be healthy and live happily has not been practiced popularly. This is meditation.

It is time for us to seek our answers by as the same way as the Buddha did. Recently, new research shows meditation truly boosts our health, success, and happiness. Many evidence also indicates that it just takes you even 10 minutes a day regularly to meditate and experience the magical advantages. So, why don’t we try meditating at least 10 minutes every day?

Tip 10 Minutes of Meditation Daily

benefits of mediation for your health and spirit
Benefits of mediation for your health and spirit

Hereby an easy guide to meditating for everybody

  1. Choose a private place that can make you feel be relaxed. It should be a quiet atmosphere and you will not be disturbed unexpectedly.
  2. Get into a comfortable position, then close your eyes and focus on your breath. You try taking a slow, deep breath. Hold it for some minutes.
  3. Let your body relax. You can take few moments to try a body scan: scan your body from head to toe, scan again.
  4. Next, focus again on the quality of each breath. You pay attention to realize whether it fast or slow, deep or shallow, long or short.
  5. Enjoy the freedom of your mind about 20 -30 seconds.
  6. Notice how you are feeling, and notice anything you can smell, hear or taste.
  7. Let go all of the focus and allow your mind to be busy again in 20 seconds.
  8. Bring back your mind to the present and open your eyes gently.

In conclusion

The Buddha is the first man in the world who came up with the enlightenment after 49 days of continuous meditation. He said: “Every human being is the author of his own health or disease”. It is totally exact. Humanity in the modern world is always thinking, worrying too much. Unfortunately, most of our thoughts are negative than positive. That’s why we are over stressful and tired.

Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom

The Buddha

We are human and have free will to live happily. If we can be the owner or the creator of our life, who will?

So, it’s time for us to let meditate as a daily habit to have a mindful living and more than you can imagine.


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