Gazing Meditation for Understanding The Inner Self

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Gazing meditation is the wonderful meditation practice. People believe that it is extremely useful for strengthening the visualization skills, psychic vision, and stimulating the third eye chakra. That is the reason why the gazing meditation is used popularly in Yoga and meditation nowadays.


The Eyes-Mind Meditation

The vision is closely connected to the mind. In reality, people usually say that: “The eyes are the window of the soul.” In history, the schools of Yoga, Zen, and Tibetan Buddhism have developed techniques based on the principle that stilling the eyes is not the only way to achieve stillness of mind. By opening the eyes and looking at an object outside, the meditators can really understand about their soul. What they see reflects their “Inner Self“.

Gazing Meditation is also called as “Trataka. It is the practice which involves focusing the eyes through intention but relaxed gazing. It means the meditators open their eyes to an external object. Then, they close their eyes but still gaze the image of this object in their mind.


How to Practice Gazing Meditation
Short Introduction

Let you imagine, the fastest and easiest meditation technique is gazing meditation. Gazing meditation just involves starring at one object in order to calm the mind. The prominent difference between gazing meditation and others is this meditation is done with the eyes open.

Another important thing to take caution is all feelings, thoughts, and reactions are acceptable. Besides that, while we practice this meditation, we should maintain an attitude of curiosity and compassion.

It does not require any special postures, special breathing technique or special mental exercise.

You can choose an object that inspires the feeling of love or peace. People often find a flower, candle, beloved one’s picture or a beautiful picture to practice.

However, first of all, you need to set the intention for the process. It means you decide what you want to achieve in the period of meditation. For example, you can tell yourself that you hope to gain comfortable states after meditation. It is very simple to set an intention and then start to meditate.

In this article, we try to practice a candle gazing meditation. In reality, you can find any object that you feel the most relevant.


Practice Gazing Meditation Alone with A Candle

+ Let you sit comfortably on the floor or on the chair.

+ Then place a lit candle in front of either your eye level or on the floor.

+ Next, while you let the eyes open and relax as you look at the candle, you should take the slow and deep breath. In this period, let you care for any sensation you feel. It is not necessary to try to control these feeling. Take it easy.

+ When you realize that your eyes start to be tired, then you close them gently and bring the image of the candle to the point between the eyebrows – or the third eye. Let you imagine that you keep the image of the candle in your eyes-mind.

+ If this image begins to fade, then you open your eyes softly again and continue to look at the candle.

+ After taking a photograph of the candle by your eyes, you repeat this process again: Closing your eyes and holding this image inside the third eye in your mind.


Partner Eye Gazing Meditation

The interesting thing of gazing meditation is you can practice with a partner who sits in front of you. Both of you look into the other’s eyes and notice what you feel or think throughout the process. Without any words or touch, you can notice the emotions inside yourself while you connect visually with each other.

First, both of you sit across from each other and gaze into one another’eyes.

Second, you keep on looking deeply into the partner’s eyes. While you do this, it means you look inside your own soul. Do you remember that sentence: “ What you see reflect you”. In this situation, it is totally exact. What you realize from your partner’eyes refers to the things which exist inside you.

Third, let you be patient and keep on turning your attention into this practice. You can meditate for 10 minutes.


Additional Information about Practicing Gazing Meditation
  • It is vital to set a timer to help you engage more with the process. You should set 10 -15 minutes for each meditation session.
  • When you get used to practicing this meditation, you can spend up to an hour or more.
  • Blinking is totally acceptable. Let you blink your eyes so as to not avoid eye dryness.
  • If you practice with a partner, let you practice with your friend, romantic partner or family member.
  • The more patient you are, the better result you will get. Regular practice over a long time will produce greater influence.
The Influences of The Gazing Meditation

Thanks to gazing meditation, you can improve visualization skills and make the eyes stronger, clearer, and brighter. The meditators also believe that it will help them cure eye diseases.

Next, in gazing meditation, your busy thoughts calm naturally. You can calm the anxious mind.

It develops one pointed concentration because you are looking at one object in gazing meditation. By improving the concentration, your memory will be better.

Moreover, as well as other types of meditation, it will improve cognitive function and goodwill. Maybe you will find tears running down your face because your suppressed emotional energies release quickly. Practicing gazing meditation regularly, you will be able to clear accumulated mental or emotional complexes.  And, it will balance the activity in the two hemispheres of the brain, so the cognitive function will be improved.

Furthermore, if the meditators practice on a candle flame, they can increase vision in the dark.

In overall, gazing meditation is easy for us to practice. Thus, you can do it everywhere and you do not need to find a special atmosphere or equipment. Just some minutes every day are enough for you to relax and experience its great benefits. You will enhance your patience and self-confidence, as well as the concentration, visualization skills, and the cognitive function. People keep on practicing gazing meditation and discover its new influence.

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