How to practice Yoga effectively ? This Yoga practices are helpful.

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Practicing Yoga is more and more popular nowadays. Thus, Yoga practices attract much of our attention from the online atmosphere to the real world. Let us discover the way to practice Yoga effectively and choose the preferred Yoga poses to practice and experience its great benefits.

For thousands of years, Yoga has been considered as the core belief in the Indian Buddhism, Hindu, Jain, Tibet Buddhism, etc. From the history, Yoga is a spiritual practice to toward the development of the mind, to attain the cosmic awareness rather than a physical practice. Throughout the flow of history, Yoga is no longer limited to the monks, Guru, or Yogis. Nowadays, more and more people from all walks of life can get access to Yoga. At the basic level, Yoga is a series of physical practices. It concludes the specific Yoga poses (or “asana”) and is based on the philosophies about controlling the breath, stretching the body and mind, and so on in order to help the practitioners achieve the calmness and improve their physical and mental health.

From the ancient theories for the practitioners to cultivate and attain enlightenment, Yoga has become more and more popularly to help people have a better spiritual life. It is easier to practice for everyone.

That is the reason why a large number of people around the world join in Yoga and experience its positive effect.

Let us discover the appropriate approaches to practice Yoga.


Yoga is helpful for everyone
Yoga is helpful for everyone

Setting A Goal in Practicing Yoga

No matter whatever you do, the prerequisite thing is to establish your goal. You are the one who knows clearly and exactly the reason why you want to practice Yoga. Therefore, you need to set a goal for your Yoga practices. For examples, you can spend the time thinking about which benefits from Yoga you want to experience. It can be whether the release of all stress or the reduction of your anxiety and depression. Then, you should write down your strategy. For more details, you can write down on a stick note that: “I am looking forward to getting escape from stress. I promise myself that I will practice Yoga at home at least 15 minutes a day.” This step is all about the planning skill. The more details and measurable your plan is, the more effective your journey in Yoga practices will be.


Maintaining a Positive Attitude to Yourself and Yoga

Yoga is really a personal experience rather than a competitive sport. Thus, you needn’t care about the things called “the award” in Yoga. Instead, it is essential to maintain a positive attitude throughout your Yoga practices that the only thing you ought to think about is the mindfulness and relaxation. On the figurative meaning, practicing Yoga is to let yourself be enjoyable and totally comfortable. Based on the first step, you acknowledge deeply that while you enter in Yoga world, it means you are the owner of this progress. And, there is nothing outside to care about. On the other hand, you do not allow any negative thoughts to appear in your mind as “I am not good at Yoga” or “I can not do Yoga”.

In fact, everyone can practice and experience its positive effect. Hence, it would be a mistake to worry too much about Yoga. Let you remember that Yoga is for all of us and we totally can enjoy ourselves with Yoga.


Maintaining a good attitude in Yoga
Maintaining a good attitude in Yoga

Making Preparation Before Practicing Yoga

Like other physical practices, you need to prepare the necessary equipment. There are some extreme vital to Yoga practices. Hereby the short list of them.

1.A Yoga Mat

2.A blanket, towel, or sofa cushion

3.A Yoga belt or a Yoga block

It is not difficult to find these stuff. You can buy them easily in the sports shop or Yoga studio. Why do you need them? It is because of its role in assisting you to feel more comfortable in a Yoga session.


Taking Comfortable Clothes Before Practicing Yoga

In Yoga practices, you need to move, stretch your body, or try some complex poses. Therefore, it is very important to wear breathable clothes. The rule for choosing clothes is to pick clothes that won’t prevent you from breathing or restrict your body’s movement. It is clear that the comfortable clothes will assist you to breathe more easily and to be able to conduct a variety of poses in Yoga. For women, they can choose a tank top, leggings, or a sport-bra. For men, they can wear a T-shirt and a pair of athletic shorts. One more thing to take caution, you should choose the clothes made from cotton. It absorbs sweat better than other material and prevents yourself from a bad smell.


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Finding a Suitable Atmosphere

One of the most important requirements for practicing Yoga is to be in the entire concentration. So, you must find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed while you do Yoga. In sum, you must have a comfortable, quiet space. After that, you must make sure that your Yoga mat will be placed at the right place in order to not run into the wall or anything else.

Furthermore, a good place to practice Yoga must be comfortable for your body. It should not be too cold, too hot or too humid. The best choice for your Yoga space is the clean, quiet, and comfortable place.

Let you find a comfortable place to practice Yoga
Let you find a comfortable place to practice Yoga


Warming-Up Your Body

As the same as other physical practices, it is essential to warm up your body before doing Yoga. There are some popular exercises can stimulate your muscles and mind. Hereby some short guidance to start.

1.Head warm-up: You stand straight, concentrate on your breath and close your eyes. Then you start to rotate your head clockwise, then turn around. You can do it four-five times.

2.Shoulder warm-up: Like the head rotation, you still take the deep and slow breaths while rotating your shoulders in circular motions forwards and backward. You can do it four-five times.

3.Hip warm-up: Take caution, just move your hips, not your entire body. You start by placing your hand on the hips, then move in circular motion. You can do it four-five times. In this step, you still focus on your breath like the above steps.

4.Knee warm-up: Like the hip rotation, you place your palm on your knees then move in circular motion. You still keep on concentrating on your breath like the above steps.

Now, you have warm up the whole body. It is time to start some Yoga postures (or Yoga asanas).


Practicing Yoga By The Suitable Yoga Poses

For both beginners and advanced Yoga practitioners, let feel free to choose the most comfortable Yoga Asanas. Hereby a short introduction about some popular Yoga postures. You can choose the preferred Yoga poses in practicing Yoga for the better result.

1.Moutain Posture/Tadasana

In this position, you stand straight and steady like the mountain. To do it, you stand on the feet and lift your thighs closely. All four sides of your waist are lengthened up and your spine is elongated too. In order to practice this position better, you need to breathe easily and totally focus on the present moment.

The mountain pose in practicing Yoga
The mountain pose in practicing Yoga
2.Tree Posture/Vrksasana

Like the above gesture, you shape your body like a mountain. The difference in this posture is you bend one knee into the upper inner thigh. And, you raise both your two hands up that they are straight and parallel each other. Or you can let two hands touch themselves. This practice is quite useful for keeping balance and developing concentration.

Tree pose in practicing Yoga
Tree pose in practicing Yoga
3.Puppy Dog on Chair

To practice this posture, you need a chair. First, you place the back of a chair in front of you. Then, you place your hand on the back of the chair with palms shoulder-distance apart. You step feet back until you make your hand and spine as a line parallel with the floor. This step is really helpful for stretching your spine and opening your spines.

The Puppy Dog on chair pose in Yoga practices
The Puppy Dog on chair pose in Yoga practices.

It is easy to practice this posture. You lie face up and separate your legs. Your arms are along sides your body and the palm face up, too. This Yoga posture looks like you are lying down on your bed, close your eyes and totally relax.

Yoga Poses - Corpse Savasana
Yoga Poses – Corpse Savasana

This posture requires a little effort to stretch your body. First, you kneel on the Yoga mat with shins hip-distance apart and rest your hands on the back of your pelvis. Then, you roll your body back and stretch your arms to reach hands to heels. While you do this, you need to lift your chest up. In fact, this camel posture will stretch the entire body from your throat to your ankle, and back muscles.

These are five easy postures for you to practice at home alone. You should take caution to come back to the Corpse posture after to end the Yoga session. It often takes about 3 –  5 minutes to keep this posture. In the philosophy of physical practices, this step is to harmony your body and nervous system.

The camel pose in practicing Yoga
The camel pose in practicing Yoga


Taking Conscious Breath in Every Yoga Posture

The extremely important discipline of Yoga is the conscious breath. No matter which postures you choose, or which sects of Yoga you prefer, “controlling the breath” or Pranayama is the core value of Yoga. The breath plays the main role in Yoga practices. In fact, it helps to deepen your Asana and allow you to relax. The skill of Pranayama can support your body distribute oxygen to all other parts.

The golden rule of breath in Yoga is to take the deep breaths and exhale by the nose. You take the slow and deep breath by focusing from your stomach, pulling in your belly in order to expand your lungs and rib cage. Then, you exhale totally by your nose. The counts of each time you breathe in and breath down can be changed, it is up to your ability.

In A Buddhist, we also mention Pranayama in the article “Yoga Pranayam – Extending Lifespan By Controlling The Breath”. If you look further information about breathing in Yoga, you can consider reading this article.

Practicing Yoga improve your overall health and spirit.
Practicing Yoga improve your overall health and spirit

Practice Makes Perfect – Practice Yoga Regularly Can Bring Positive Effect

Yoga does not require you to win someone else. It just makes you feel better and better over the time. Therefore, let you make Yoga be a daily habit. Even though you just have 10 – 15 minutes every day to spend on practicing Yoga, it can really improve your overall health. Practice makes perfect. The perfect state you can gain from Yoga is not “an award” from someone, but the calmness and the development of your physical and mental health days by days.

Thus, let get started and find your most comfortable Yoga poses to practice Yoga every day.

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