I Ching divination? How does it predict the human fate? All explained here.

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I Ching divination is one of the most popular Chinese forms of the forecast. It can predict the human fate for the next 500 years or the last 500 years. Besides that, it can be used for answering most of the questions of the humanity. That is the reason why I Ching divination is not only well-known in China but also in other Asian countries and Western countries.

What is the I Ching divination?

Before discovering about I Ching divination, we should understand about its source. This is IChing.

What Is IChing?

The I Ching is the greatest ancient book of Chinese. It looks like the springboard for all following Chinese theories and philosophies. Its influence spread the theories of Taoism, Confucianism, Chinese medicine, philosophy, arts, fortune telling, Bagua, the Five Elements, etc for ages. People also call I Ching the Asian Encyclopedia.

The three golden keys that I Ching created for the humanity is the theory of Yin & Yang, the Five Elements, and the Bagua.

The doctrines of Yin & Yang explained that everything can be Yin or Yang. There is Yin in Yang and vice versa. And, the harmony between Yin and Yang will make this world improve.

The second golden key is the Five Elements. Its rule emphasizes the relationship between the materials in the world. They can be generating or overcoming each other. Based on the nature of all elements in the universe, Chinese people can determine the things which are the most suitable for them in most of the situations.

Finally, the last and the most important thing in I Ching is the Bagua. It is closely connected to the Five Elements. And, 64 hexagrams of the Bagua is also the basis for the I Ching divination. These 64 hexagrams cover the secret code of the universe and the human’s life.


So, The I Ching Divination Is…

The I Ching is the Chinese form of divination that is extremely famous in both the Eastern and Western countries. It is used for predicting the human fate.

Its method is to throw the coins several times, taking note of the way they land then interpreting the patterns. This is an easy practice and can be used for answering most of the questions.

The I Ching’s philosophy is based on The Book of Changes or Classic of Changes. This is an ancient Chinese divination and the oldest of the Chinese classics. Throughout the history of China, the I Ching had influenced in the Chinese culture deeply and largely. So did it to the Chinese’s divination. It was the basic of I Ching’s divination in theory and practices for ages.

The I Ching divination use three coins and is based on the Bagua's philosophy of I Ching
The I Ching divination use three coins and is based on the Bagua’s philosophy of I Ching.

The main purpose of the I Ching divination is to stop worrying about the unforeseeable future. Before conducting the I Ching divination, you should keep calm and purify your mind. Besides that, it is also essential to take a shower to clean your body. Obviously, no matter which type of divination you choose, the prerequisite is the devotion. And the easiest way to express your devotion to the divination is to respect the thing you are going to do. Good energy will attract good energy, then the result will be exact.

Moreover, we should plant the seeds of good karma by doing good things. We also ought to maintain a positive attitude toward life and express great compassion to others. As a result, the I King divination can assist to bring good fortune.


How Can I Ching Predict The Human Fate?

People can rely on I Ching to make a prediction about the future because I Ching itself covered the flow of time. 64 hexagrams of I Ching, of course, has the same function. Thus, 64 hexagrams in I Ching can show forecast about the future of the certain aspect or specific problem. The lines in hexagrams can reflect both the previous life and the upcoming future. In reality, the Master of I Ching can know about the things happened 500 years ago and the next 500 years.


The Way to Conduct I Ching Divination’s Practice

The modern I Ching uses a series of coins. The number of coins is three and they must be identical coins.

Practicing I Ching divination by three coins
Practicing I Ching divination by three coins

How to do:

+Putting three coins in your palm and thinking about your problem.

+Choosing each side of the coin whether is Yin or Yang. Each time you throw the coins, just ask one question.

+Throwing the coins on the floor or on the ground.

+ Taking notes the patterns: If there are two Yin sides and one Yang side, this will be the Yin hexagram. On the contrary, if there are two Yang sides and one Yin side, this will be the Yang hexagram. If three sides of coins are Yin, this will be the active Yin hexagram and vice versa.

+ Throwing the coins six times and taking notes the pattern of each time. The result of the first round will be written at the bottom line, and the result of the sixth round will be written at the top line. The reason for doing this is the interpretation of The I King book in the order from bottom to top.

There are 64 hexagrams in the I King. And each hexagram reflects one state or something can happen. In I King divination, each hexagram can be whether Yin or Yang. This is the process of transforming from Yin into Yang or into another hexagram. Therefore, we will base on these changes to make a prediction about the ongoing future.


Positive Influence of I Ching Divination

I Ching divination is just one of the various applications of I King for thousands of years. According to the I King, people acknowledge the form and transformation of the universe and human life. At last, we will know clearly the golden rule of the universe and life: the continuous changes. From this perception, we will have a brighter outlook on life and be more flexible in every daily situation. Based on a positive attitude, we can absolutely overcome all dark times and make good changes in our life.


The Golden Rule of The World

Maybe you have heard this sentence somewhere:“The only unchangeable thing in the world is the change.” It shares the same spirit with the I Ching philosophies. This is our world is keeping on changing and our life is, too.

Lao Tzu, one of the greatest man in China also said:

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Do not resist them, that only creates sorrow. Let reality be the reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”

Thus, we should not be preoccupied with an unforeseeable future. The flow of fate will keep on going no matter how much worry you are. The most important thing is to maintain a suitable attitude in this life and always plant good seeds of karma throughout your life.

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