Kriya Yoga – Immersing in The Cosmic Consciousness

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The History of Kriya Yoga

The word “Kriya” in Sanskrit means “action”. It shares the same origination with the word “Karma”. Kriya Yoga represents the “Consolidation with the God by an action or a ceremony”.

Kriya Yoga is an ancient meditation technique which came from India. In the past, only the ones with the highest spiritual advancement could learn it.  It is well-known with the Master of Yoga – Shyama Charan. People also called him Lahiri Mahasaya. He was the disciple of the great Mahavatar Babaji. And Lahiri Mahasaya was best known for reviving Kriya Yoga.

Shyama Charan Lahiri was born on September 30th, 1828. His name also means “Great Soul”.

At the age of 33, Lahiri Mahasaya witnessed the purpose of his appearance in the earth. After the meeting with the Great Babaji,  Lahiri Mahasaya realized that he was reborn because of a divine decree. That is:

“… to sacrifice all in the quest of the Divine is fit to unravel the final mysteries of life through the science of meditation… The divine wish has been expressed through you…Give Kriya freely to all who humbly ask for help.”

(Autobiography of a Yogi)

In his lifetime, he devoted himself to instructing the Kriya Yoga to his disciples. Over the time, he became famous through the book “Autobiography of a Yogi“. This book was written by  Parahamansa Yogananda who was a disciple of Sri Yukteswar Giri.

What Is Kriya Yoga

In a health perspective, Kriya Yoga is a simple physical practice. It helps the human eliminate the toxins from the body and increases the blood and oxygen flow to the cells. As a result,  new healthy cells are made to replace the old cells that become worn-out or damaged.

In a spiritual manner, Kriya Yoga promotes the evolution of humanity. Ancient Yogi has discovered this secret: “The cosmic consciousness is closely connected to the human’s breath“.

The breath is the vital life force. In reality, the living energy of humanity is always distracted by daily activities. That’s why it needs to be gathered for the spiritual purpose. Evidently, Kriya Yoga can calm down the breath and gather the living energy for the better purpose.

In fact, the humanity’s emotions will affect the beat of breath. The negative emotions affect our breathing pattern deeply. Especially, when people get angry, they tend to breathe faster. In many studies, scientists believe that if we can change how we breathe, we can absolutely change how we feel. In the bible verse, the Krishna also said that:

People can improve the living energy by each controlling each breath in and breath out, and practicing the Pranayama“.

The Krishna

For more details, the Pranayama means the formal practice of controlling the breath.

Generally, Kriya Yoga is an ancient meditation technique of energy and breath control. By this practice, the meditators will be able to improve the spiritual world. They will know clearly the key to the circle of reincarnation and liberate from the bondage of Karma ultimately.


The Basic of Kriya Yoga
According to Autobiography of a Yogi, Christ Jesus was a disciple of Kriya Yoga.

In this article, we just take the first step in Kriya Yoga.

Kriya Yoga includes the following materials.

+The discipline to do exercise.

+ Controlling the mind

It is very essential for the new meditator to purify the body and soul before entering the world of Kriya Yoga. They should have good will, do good things, and separate from evil thoughts or bad karmas.

+ Meditating the mantra AUM.

Yogi Patanjali wrote: “Aum is the noun of the creativity, the engine of the universe. Sometimes, while the practitioners practice Kriya Yoga, they may hear the sound of Aum arising from the deepest place of their mind. When they receive this spiritual encouragement, it means they access the divine realms.

In the first period of accessing the divine realms, the meditator’s mind immerses in the soul of the universe. The power exits from his body and makes the body motionless. At this moment, Yogi totally feel the slow beat of his body. When he gets to a higher level, his mind harmony with the soul of the universe while he is still awake and able to aware of everything happening around him.


The Movement of Breath and Energy in Kriya Yoga
“Let meditate to get escape from all human hardship, to see the Nirvana.”

Kriya Yoga is a spiritual practice. Hence, while the meditators practice this, they need to control the breath so as to control the senses. Finally, they can achieve the state of spiritual advancement.

Each time they breathe, they use their mind to control the energy inside them flow through 6 chakras. This energy will touch the root chakra then turn around, which creates a circle of 12 Zodiacs. This circle also represent the universe inside the human body, too.

In comparison, it takes 30 seconds for the energy to move around the spine, equivalenting to a year of the evolution of humanity. It sounds simple, but hardly ever easy for you to practice the Kriya Yoga by yourself. There is no short way to complete the Kriya Yoga, evenly the basic level.

Therefore, the beginners need a qualified guide from professional Yogi. Let you imagine that, you look like a light bulb which is at a low voltage. What would happen if you receive a higher energy suddenly? Absolutely, it will burn you. In short, you really need to have a good preparation before accessing the massive power of Kraya Yoga gradually.

In general, the Yogi will complete the first period of practicing Kriya Yoga in 6 years, 12 years, 24 years, or 48 years. If the Yogi passes away before completing the practice, they will bring good karmas. For a normal person, it will take him about 12 years to create the positive changes in the structure of his brain. And it takes one million years to improve the mind to the Cosmic Consciousness.


Some Benefits of Practicing Kriya Yoga

“Even a little bit of the practice of this religion will save you from dire fears and colossal sufferings.” (The Great Babaji)

– Autobiography of  a Yogi

After practicing Kriya Yoga regularly, the energy will be not distracted or wasted by the disturbance of the senses. The energy will enter at the chakras in the spine. As a result, the body will receive a stronger spiritual power.

Some pieces of evidence show that Kriya Yoga has some physical and mental advantages, such as:

  • Longer life span
  • Enhancing the awareness
  • Controlling the spiritual world

In summary, Kriya Yoga helps the human to join in the free atmosphere of the super consciousness state. Normal life just leads the human life to the no way out. However, if the meditators can immerse themselves in Kriya Yoga,  they will know clearly the key of the circle of samsara reincarnation. Finally, they liberate from the bondage of Karmas.


Experiencing Kriya Yoga Nowadays

If the beginners look forward to discovering this practice, they can search for information about Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath. He is the Master of Kundalini Kriya Yoga. He has 40 years of experiencing healing and transforming millions all over the world. Nowadays, people from all walks of life come to him in order to learn and practice Kriya Yoga.


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