Kundalini Meditation – Awaking The Universal Energy

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What Is Kundalini Meditation?

In order to understand Kundalini Meditation, first of all, let us discover about the term “Kundalini“.

The Meaning of Kundalini

The Kundalini is the metaphysical and esoteric energy force that resides in us. It consists of energy channels and centers or chakras. People believe that the Kundalini energy is also the life energy which flows throughout the whole body. It arises from the bottom of the spinal column all the way up toward the Crown Chakra.

According to the Yogic philosophy, Kundalini is a strong spiritual energy. It is the yogic life force that is held to lie coiled at the base of the spine until it is aroused and sent to the head to trigger enlightenment. On the way, the Kundalini passes through six chakras which are the points of physical and spiritual energy in the human body. It seems to be the lifeblood of our lives.

In the religious perspectives, Kundalini is a term from ancient Hindu. “Kundalini” also means “circular” or “coiled”. It is symbolized as the Fire Snake (Coiled).


Short Introduction about Kundalini Meditation

In fact, it is very difficult for the meditators to practice the Kundalini meditation without the qualified guide. On the contrary, even the meditators do not try to awake the Kundalini, the Kundalini will be awakened and rose up. Many studies showed that even a normal person can fall into the Kundalini’s state when he or she has a super strong spiritual hope or falls into an extreme despair. Because of its complex nature, it is very necessary for every meditator to know about Kundalini, no matter whether they practice Kundalini meditation or not.

Kundalini meditation is a sect of Yoda meditation. You can imagine that Kundalini meditation looks like a practice to help you realize your fullest potential which is untapped and lying dormant in your body. By Kundalini meditation, you can awake the energy that lays at the base of your spine in order to bring about complete awareness of your body and your soul.


Making Preparation before Kundalini Meditation


The process of this meditation is never ever easy. The Kundalini energy is very powerful. When you try to awake it, it will release the profound consciousness and supreme bliss. If you are not well-trained, maybe you will suffer from adverse effects.

Therefore, it requires you to take a slow and prolonged process. In this period, your body, mind, and emotions must be well prepared to receive a super powerful energy which will flow through your body.


Caring for Your Mind

First of all, let you find a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. You can consider bringing a bottle of water beside you and a shaw to cover your head. Initially, you just need a few minutes to get used to this slow and steady meditation. Be patient!


Maintaining A Suitable Position

The most important thing of the posture in this meditation is to sit straight and keep your legs grounded firmly. If your posture is correct, your spine will be straight and the chakra will be aligned right, too. The energy will find it easy to rise after being awakened. Then, you start to close your eyes lightly and slightly.


Feeling The Breath

Let you breathe in and breathe out deeply.

Next, you break the inhalation into four parts:

1: Taking the  breath in one time

2: Giving a pause

3: Taking the breath for the second time

4: Giving a pause, and so on, keeping on the same process.

You should spend about 3 minutes in this session. Then, you stop the process by taking the breath deeply and pushing your palms in front of your chest for 10 -15 seconds.

Finally, you relax gently and breathe out deeply. Every time you breathe, you must feel your breath instead of only hearing it.  At the higher level, maybe you will totally control your breath and this will be the precise way to lead you to enter Kundalini.


How to Practice Kundalini Meditation

The way to actually practice the Kundalini energy is through a specific breathing technique.

Close your eyes and begin to breathe slowly and deeply through an open mouth. As you breathe in, let you really feel that breath as it glides in through the lips down to the back of the tongue and into the body.

Allow that breath to really relax you, rejuvenate you, center you. And as you breathe out, you bring that breath back up and out the body across the tongue and out the body again.

Let you really give yourself a chance to melt as you exhale and just continue inhaling and exhaling deeply through the mouth just like this.

Allow your self to soften with each breath just a little more.

With every breath, it is almost as if you are coming home to yourself. The conversation with every breath you take allow yourself to be more present and more awake.

Seeing The Sleeping Serpent

And then, from this place, you continue to breathe in and breath out through the open mouth. You must focus your intention into the base of your spine. While you focus there, you should image a serpent sleeping at the base of your spine and that serpent is coiled three and a half times around and just sleeping there. At this moment, let you focus on this serpent, on the way that the serpent is sleeping. While you do so, you ought to really tune into the power there. Even though this serpent is sleeping at the base of your spine, right now you can just feel all of the power that is contained there. You know clearly that there is power there. You need to really just tune into all that energy there.

As you continue to inhale and exhale through an open mouth, just pay attention to this sleeping serpent at the base of your spine. Really allowing yourself to focus to hone in. All of the power that is there. And as you do this, if any thoughts arise in your mind, you just need taking the next breath and allowing those thoughts to dissipate, to fall away as you continue to focus on the sleeping serpent at the base of your spine.

Let Awake The Sleeping Serpent

Next, let you see these serpent’s eyes opening up very slowly. The serpent is opening from its slumber. When the serpent’s eyes are completely open, you have to imagine that this serpent is starting to move upward. It is moving up your spine so its head, of course, is the first to move up. You need to allow it to gently move all the way up the spine as you continue to breathe, guiding it all the way up to the crown of your head.

As the top of the serpent’s head make it all the way up to the crown of your head. The serpent’s entire body now is straight and is no longer coiled three and a half times around. At this moment, you can really feel that power starting from the base of the spine going all the way up the spine to the top of the head. You can feel a very strong and potent line of energy there.

Just breathe here as you feel that line of energy radiating there from the base of the spine to the top of the head. At this moment, you should pay attention to that line of energy. Let you breathe in into to, surrender to it, embrace it, and welcome it. Keep breathe in and breathe out of the mouth. Just feel how creative and dynamic and orgasmic this energy is.

Feeling The Meaningful Moment

Allow yourself to really go there and give yourself this moment. Then, you thank the serpent slowly and allow the serpent to start making its descent back down into the base of your spine. Let you find the ground again and stabilize itself again. Allow the head of the serpent to slowly slide down from the crown of your head and start making its way down the spine back from the way it came. As it goes back down, it starts coiling very slowly again until it is three and a half coils around as it was before.

Finally, when the serpent comes back into the base of your spine, it does not sleep. You just allow this serpent eyes to stay awake, to stay aware of this moment. This moment concludes the lifeforce energy of the universal energy which connects you to all things and all people.

The important thing that you need to realize is this energy is always there for you when you need it. It is always there to recharge, support, guide and love you. This will remind you who you are at the deepest most authentic level. Then you will realize that you are an amazingly beautiful, creative, precious part of this entire universe.


The Significant Influence That Kundalini Power Brings to You

In overall, Kundalini meditation will bring you the positive effects such as:

+ Energizing your brain

+ Purifying the whole body

+ Improving the consciousness of yourself and surroundings

However, they are just the floating parts of the iceberg. When you practice Kundalini meditation successfully, it means an extreme power of potential energy inside yourself will get up. Let you imagine that it looks like a strong angel who fell asleep for such a long time will get up. The superpowerful angel gets up. Ultimately, the angel will make your life totally different.

For example, you can access one’s inner realms because you are in an enlightened state of consciousness.

Moreover, you will determine your purpose in the universe as the Kundalini meditation has brought the heightened senses to you.

Furthermore, when the power of Kundalini arises inside you, it will promote our inner peace and ability to keep calm.

For women, they will be grateful for Kundalini meditation because this practice looks like the anti-aging campaign. The positive energy from Kundalini can rejuvenate the cells in the body. Hence, it slows down the aging process and women will look younger than their real age.

In conclusion

Kundalini meditation plays an important role in Yoga meditation. It helps the meditators not only improve their physical and mental health but also develop the spiritual awareness. However, you still remember the symbol of the snake? The venom of snake can be either a very helpful treatment or the poison, depending on the amount and usage. In this manner, the practice of Kundalini requires good knowledge and the appropriate approach. Kundalini can bring you to the higher state of perception. And it is also the most complex and dangerous form of Yoga meditation. If you can not control the Kundalini meditation, maybe the power inside yourself will get into trouble. As a result, you will suffer from adverse effect. Hence, the best way to practice Kundalini is to have the master guided. With the best guide and proper process, you will achieve its great influence over the time.

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