Magical Chakra Meditation for Our Power and Happiness

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Chakra meditation is ancient meditation from India. People strongly believe in its magical power. It can be said that Chakra meditation is an extremely meaningful resolution for attracting the energy of the universe. Thanks to this energy, we get stronger and have a better life.

“The water flows through this creek, much like the energy flows through your body. As you see, there are several pools where the water swirls around before flowing on. These pools are like our chakras”.

Guru Pathik using the analogy of a stream to explain how chakras work to Aang.

The Seven Magical Chakras in Our Body

Chakra” in the Sanskrit language also means the “wheel” or the “cycle of reincarnation”.

According to the Induism, “chakra” is the center of the physical and spiritual power inside the human’s body. People believe that the chakras will encourage the energy and affect the body’s reactions, no matter what psychological or spiritual states. They are “the center of power” (or “Prana” or “air”) which flows between each other. The chakra’s function is to spin around to attract the universal power.

The chakra is described to lay in the straight line from the spine to the bottom of the head. Each chakra is related to a physical and mental function, a sect of consciousness. And it represents an element in nature, a color, and some characteristics. In the arts, these chakras are often symbolized as a lotus with the different numbers of the petal.

Depending on the sophisticated level of spirituality, each chakra holds on different positions. The top chakra in the top of the head (Sahasrara) relates to the highest level of awareness. In contrast, the bottom chakra in the bottom of spine (Muladhara) belongs to the lowest level of consciousness.


The History of Seven Chakras

The seven chakra was from India between 1500 and 500 BC, in the eldest text called Vedas. Then, it was mentioned in the Upanishad, especially in the Brahma Upanishad and Yogatattva Upanishad.

Until a New Age author – Anodea Judith wrote her book Wheels of Life, the knowledge about chakra had been expanding upon the ancient texts. Then, it has become more accessible to Western countries and readers.


Introduction about Each Chakra in The Chakra Ladder


The Crown Chakra (or Sahasrara) – The Seventh Chakra
The Crown Chakra (or Sahasrara) – The Seventh Chakra
The Crown Chakra (or Sahasrara) – The Seventh Chakra

The Crown Chakra is situated at the top in the “chakra ladder”. It has another name as “the chakra of highest awareness” which plays the main role in controlling others chakras. To be easier to understand, we can imagine Sahasrara looks like the pituitary gland which releases the hormones to stimulate and control our body. This chakra is crucial for the physical basement of consciousness. It shows our ability to be fully connected spiritually. If the chakra is not balanced or blocked, all of the other chakras and your consciousness will suffer.


The Third Eye Chakra (or Ajna) – The Sixth Chakra
The Third Eye Chakra (or Ajna) – The Sixth Chakra
The Third Eye Chakra (or Ajna) – The Sixth Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra connects to the pineal gland. This is a chakra of time and awareness of the light. People also call it the center of intuition and foresight. It is related to the “Supreme Element” – the combination of all the elements in their pure form. It refers to our ability to focus on and see the overall picture.




The Throat Chakra (or Visuddha) – The Fifth Chakra
The Throat Chakra (or Visuddha) – The Fifth Chakra
The Throat Chakra (or Visuddha) – The Fifth Chakra

The fifth chakra is the communication center which refers to the ability to transmit and express the ideas. This Throat Chakra is parallel to the thyroid. It is believed that if a person who has a balanced Throat Chakra can express themselves well, especially in a verbal manner. And this is the way of inspired creativity, seeking and sharing of the truth.



The Heart Chakra (or Anahata) – The Fourth Chakra
The Heart Chakra (or Anahata) – The Fourth Chakra
The Heart Chakra (or Anahata) – The Fourth Chakra

The Heart Chakra represents the great compassion, balanced state, and happiness. It relates to the thymus which is inside the human’s chest. This fourth chakra is also known as the balance point of seven chakras. It helps us determine our values, belief, and ethics as well as how well we accept ourselves and those around us.




The Solar Plexus Chakra (or Manipura) – The Third Chakra
The Solar Plexus Chakra (or Manipura) – The Third Chakra
The Solar Plexus Chakra (or Manipura) – The Third Chakra

The third chakra is located in the area of the navel and solar plexus. It refers to the self-esteem, confidence, and willpower. When the Manipura keeps balance, it allows you to control over your thoughts and emotional responses, and be at peace with yourself.




The Sacral Chakra (or Svahisthana) – The Second Chakra
The Sacral Chakra (or Svahisthana) – The Second Chakra
The Sacral Chakra (or Svahisthana) – The Second Chakra

Its energy offers direct access to the flexibility and happiness. It is called the creativity and sexual chakra. The word “Svahisthana” also means “the dwelling place of the self”. So, people believe that when the Sacral chakra is in the balanced state, the meditators will be in the feeling of wellness, abundance, and pleasure.




The Root Chakra (or Muladhara)

It is the first chakra and at the base of the chakra system. The Root Chakra is the center of the human instinct for survival, security, and stability. It also lays the foundation for expansion in our life.

The Root Chakra (or Muladhara)
The Root Chakra (or Muladhara)
The Activities of The Chakras

Nowadays, there are three chakras which are activated strongly, including the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and Solar Plexus Chakra. We need to adjust these chakras from the proactive state to normal state. On the other hand, we should stimulate these chakras: the Heart chakra, Throat chakra, Third-eye chakra and Crown chakra because they are less active than the first three chakras.

In order to stimulate the chakras, we should do two things:

1.Moving the good energy from the lower chakras into the higher chakras.

2. Opening the Crown chakra by the activities of the goodwill.


Purifying Our Body – Mind – Character to Prepare for Chakra Meditation

It is the prerequisite to purify ourselves.

  • First of all, we cleanse our body by highly performing body care. We nourish our body with safety and nutritious foods.
  • Second, we learn to build good characters. It is useful to build good characters by controlling our sexual urges, practicing right speech.
  • Third, we purify our mind with right thoughts, right mindfulness.

In reality, it is not easy for us to practice these rules. These valuable things repeatedly mentioned in daily life makes us get used to them. However, we are often forgetting to follow these guides. That’s the reason why the lower chakras are more proactive than the higher chakras. Therefore, people tend to care for the sexual life, materialism more than spiritual life.

Thus, if we look forward to moving the good energy from the lower chakras to the higher chakras, we have to purify ourselves. While we develop ourselves gradually, the corresponding chakras will open respectively. At the specific level in the development, our “Real Inner Self” will affect the lower chakras through the Crown chakra. The power of “Real Inner Self” will flow down to the lower chakras. Then, it stimulates them and moves their energy into the higher chakras.

So as to stimulate the Crown chakra, you must meditate regularly and show your goodwill in daily life. Besides that, you have to maintain a clean and disciplined lifestyle. Purifying our life is the basic way to open and activate the chakras.


The Way to Practice Chakra Meditation

3 First Steps to Practice Chakra Meditation
  1. You begin to chakra meditation in the same way as other types of meditation. The way to start is to sit in a comfortable position with the spinal column straight. Let you focus on each part of your body, from your feet to your head. While you do this, take your body easy and throw away all the stress or negative thoughts.
  2. Next, you concentrate on your breath. It will be better to take the steady and deep breath and care for each inhalation and exhalation. Let each cell in your body has a chance to enjoy the fresh air. By breathing, you can remove the toxins inside yourself.
  3. Then, in this step, you try to imagine the beats of your heart. Moreover, let you think that the function of the body is totally perfect. All of the parts in your body tend to interact in complete harmony.
The Next Steps to Keep on Practicing Chakra Meditation
  1. Now, you keep on imagining. Let you think that the life living energy surrounds you. Each time you breathe, you attract this power into the whole body. When this energy is inside you, it will be brighter, stronger. You own this incredible power. Step by step, you should keep this state and allow the halo of power shine brighter gradually. And you always maintain this power in each time you breathe.
  2. After immersing yourself in the world of positive power, it is time to energize each individual chakra. First of all, you stimulate the Root Chakra. You should imagine that you add the life living energy to another source of energy which comes from the earth. This will create a new energy that stronger and brighter and this new power will stimulate the Root Chakra.
  3. Then one by one, you move up the new life living power to the Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Head Chakra, and finally the Crown Chakra. You need to take caution: “One by One”, it means you have to move from the bottom to the higher chakra, and finally the highest chakra. You should spend time with this step-by-step process because each chakra will influence the other chakras and energize the higher chakra. Thus, you should follow this strict process if you do not want to have an adverse effect.
  4. Finally, let you visualize that the new life living energy covers yourself. It is nourishing each cell, each chakra while you breathe. After totally experiencing the halo of energy inside yourself, you can open your eyes and relax for several minutes. Let you enjoy the good energy from the chakra meditation.


The Significant Effects of Chakra Meditation

Chakra Meditation is the great way to obtain the universal energy into yourself. When we own the clean power of the universe, you can help the immune system to be stronger to against the illness. The purifying power of nature looks like a natural treatment which is able to assist the whole body to protect itself from the harmful elements.

Not only is our body healthier, but also our mind will improve significantly. We will have a mindful living. In chakra meditation, we look forward to the great goals. It will bring us the higher level of awareness and mastery. We will be able to live happily. And we will spread out the good energy to others people.

It just takes us about 15 minutes each day to practice chakra meditation. However, it will be better if we have the qualified master in chakra meditation guide. Obviously, practicing the chakra meditation regularly will take the quality of your life to the greater level. Thus, it is time for us to enter into the magical power of the chakras.

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