Practicing mantra meditation for people are in spiritual loss

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People are in spiritual loss can heal their soul by mantra meditation. This is a really useful technique.

The reason is, in a severe spiritual loss, it is extremely hard for us to read a book or write down all of the thoughts or tell our story to someone else. I myself used to be in down times, and couldn’t read even one word in the articles which aim at expressing mental guidance.

My friend, who has suffered from a very bad spiritual loss when his father passed away, said that he had found the peace in Buddhism mantra.  On this night, the Bikshus came to his home to chant the Buddhism mantra. After the Bikshus left, he still turned on the Buddhism mantra for his father. Then, he felt very peaceful and easily fell into sleep.

It is believed that the soul of dead ones still not disappear for the first three days after death. And the dead ones can be able to hear the sound of the mantras. Therefore, in some Asian countries, people usually invite Bikshus or Nuns to chant Buddhism mantra for their loved dead-ones.

By listening to mantra, from the outside or inside yourself, we will find the stillness and calmness.

peace in spiritual loss
Finding peace in the spiritual loss by practicing mantra meditation.

In other words, the mantras have the strong power for healing the soul. If you can hardly read, write, or talk anything while suffering from spiritual loss, let’s keep silent and listen to the mantra.

Let’s discover two powerful mantras: Soham Hamsa mantra and the mantra of Medicine King Buddha.


Soham Hamsa Mantra Meditation – A White Swan

So, What “Soham Hamsa Mantra Meditation” Is?

This is a simple but powerful mantra. In order to practice, we just breathe in and breathe out. While inhaling, chanting the sound “Ham” in our mind; then exhaling and chanting the sound “Sa” in your mind. Either “Sa” or “So” are correct. That’s why this mantra is also called “Soham Hamsa”. It is so simple that everyone can practice this mantra meditation right here, right now.


The meaning of Soham Hamsa Mantra

In short, Soham Hamsa mantra meditation means inhalation (Ham), exhalation (Sa/So). The sound “Ham” represents and covers the Yang energy and separation, whereas “Sa” reflects and covers the Yin energy and harmony. The ancient philosophies claim that this mantra is the motion of infinite consciousness and the harmony with the ultimate spiritual root.

Besides that, in Sanskrit, Hamsa refers to a white swan. According to the ancient Hinduism, a white swan is the symbol of purity and gracefulness. By taking the breath in and breath out, we liberate our breath. Then, our breath looks like the free wings of a swan, a beautiful and graceful white swan.

In other words, Soham Hamsa mantra can lead the meditators to the purity of the soul and harmony with the ultimate root of spiritual.

Soham Hamsa meditation or the white swan
Hamsa, or the white swan, is the symbol of tranquility and harmony with the universe.


The root of Soham Hamsa Mantra Meditation

Soham Hamsa Mantra Meditation is one of the most powerful mantra meditations that had appeared a long time before Hinduism and Buddhism. Soham Hamsa mantra belongs to the ancient spiritual tradition of Vedas.

In fact, the Vedas is the most ancient Scripture of the humanity. Although Soham Hamsa mantra is officially not a Buddhism mantra, it plays the important role in the traditional Indian Yoga.

Our Lord Buddha had practiced the traditional techniques of ancient Hinduism. Thus, it is believed that Lord Buddha used to apply Soham Hamsa mantra.

Sometimes, it is very hard for us to keep calmness in a spiritual loss. We can’t tell somebody that how much pain is in our mind. It is also impossible to read an article with the title “How to get escape from spiritual depression?” Writing a diary, it is not a good idea. My mother said that the only thing that she can do when she had been extremely heartbroken, is to holding her hand tightly and trying her best to take the breath as naturally as possible.

Sometimes, the only useful method for healing our spirit is to listen to mantra.

And, “Soham Hamsa Mantra” is really the simplest mantra for everyone. If you’re suffering from an extreme spiritual loss, you should take a breath and contemplate “Ham” and “Sa/So” in your mind. After repeating the cycle of breath and “Soham Hamsa”, you will find tranquility from the inner soul.


Medicine King Buddha’s Mantra Meditation – Healing The Root of Suffering


What is Medicine King Buddha’s Mantra Meditation?

Hereby the mantra of Medicine King Buddha:

The Medicine King Buddha heals spirit
The Medicine King Buddha is the Greatest Master for healing the sickness of all sentient beings.



Literally, this mantra means: “I’m praying for the Medicine King Buddha, the King of deleting of all sufferings. Please delete all of my sufferings. And, please delete all of the sufferings. Please make it happen.”


How to Practice Medicine King Buddha’s Mantra Meditation?

First of all, let us get used to Medicine King Buddha. In fact, the holy name of Buddha expresses all things. Medicine King Buddha had vowed to save all sentient beings from suffering. Medicine Buddha is also the greatest Master of healing all sicknesses of the world. The Saddharmapundarika-sutra claimed that the Medicine King Buddha is also the Historic Buddha – Sakyamuni Buddha.

In order to practice Medicine King Buddha’s mantra meditation, let’s listen to the Medicine King Buddha’s mantra.

For better result, we should try to contemplate the image of Medicine King Buddha in your mind.

  • First of all, close your eyes. Taking the breaths through your nose. Keeping silent and paying attention to your breath.
  • Second, starting to contemplate Medicine King Buddha in your mind. He is sitting in the lotus position and his hand is holding a myrobalan. The light of Buddha is spreading in ten directions.
  • Third, keeping on contemplating that there are innumerable Buddha and Boddhisattva are spreading the light of tranquility.
  • Fourth, let’s imagine that the light of the Medicine King Buddha is spreading to your heart or to the position that you hope to be cured. While doing this, you should trust that Medicine King Buddha will cure your sickness, both physical and mental sickness.
  • Finally, you contemplate that you’re the Medicine King Buddha. The power of healing all sufferings or sickness is within your mind. And, let’s spread this power for everyone. The light of Medicine King Buddha looks like the great-loving compassion. It is spreading everywhere. When you’re no longer suffered from the binary world, you can be in the alertness and stillness.


Soham Hamsa Mantra Meditation or Medicine King Buddha’s Mantra Meditation?

To some extents, practicing Medicine King Buddha’s mantra meditation is a little harder than Soham Hamsa mantra meditation.

Hereby some useful tips for you to practice the above mantra meditation in details, and Buddhism mantra meditation in general.

  • Taking a slow breath and contemplate “Ham” and “So/Sa” whenever you’re not fine. Make it a mainstream hobby.
  • Downloading a photo of Medicine King Buddha and set it on your smartphone. You should take a look at Buddha before going to bed.
  • Listening to Buddhism mantra in the early of the morning and at the end of each day. Taking the natural breath and praying for the Buddha.
  • Chanting the Buddhism mantra by Sanskrit. You find a Youtube video adding subtitle by Sanskrit. Then, listening to mantra and chanting the mantra at the same time.
  • The last and most important thing: In the Buddha-nature inside ourselves, we trust. We should believe that the good seeds of Buddha-nature are within our mind. In the tranquility, we can awake the Buddha-nature. It will lead us to the great-compassion, healthy thinking, and the power of deleting suffering.

For thousands of years, the ancient ones and Buddha had discovered the power of mantras. The mantras have had a strong influence on those in spiritual loss definitely. If you’re in extremely painful experience someday, let you practice mantra meditation.

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