Nada Yoga – Healing Your Soul by The Power of Sound

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Nada Yoga is an ancient meditation which aims at using the sound to nourish our soul. It has a strong influence on our health and the spiritual world. Normally, listening to the catchy sound of music is one of the most popular hobbies among people in free time or before bedtime. At the higher level, Nada Yoga takes advantage of the sound/music for meditation. In the gentle power of sound, the meditators can find peace.

Before discovering the magical power of Nada Yoga, let us take step by step to understand the role of the music and sound in our life.


The Role of Music/Sound in Our Life

Music plays an important role in healthcare. It has a powerful effect on our emotions. Generally, music can improve the mood. When we are sad, we love to listen to music. If we are in love, we will feel happier while we are hearing the sweet lyrics. Sometimes, we maybe think that someone who is on behalf of our thoughts, someone can help us to express our deepest states. Moreover, music is able to enhance studying and concentration. For examples, although we might be not an experienced meditator, we still totally keep calm or find peace while listening to the soundtracks of meditation. Furthermore, music has an ability to cure. Some scientists prove that music can help to increase intelligence and to develop the quality of life for Alzheimer’s patient.

Absolutely, music is very meaningful for our mood, physical and mental health.

Music is helpful for our life.

Additionally, it would be a dismiss if we do not mention the sense of hearing. It is connected closely with music or sound. Of course, we will never be able to enjoy the great benefits of music if our sense of hearing is not in good state. Our sense of hearing is one of the most empowering of the five senses. It is the most accurate sense which reflects exactly what we hear. Another interesting fact, the sense of hearing is the last sense to disappear when we die. That is the reason why in some Asian cultures, people usually chant the mantra and read the scriptures so as to heal the soul of the dead ones.

It can be said that the sound is extremely significant in our life, from the day we were born until we pass away. This is the truth that the ancient Indian had known and applied the energy of sound to life.


Nada Yoga or The Yoga of Sound From India

The Bible said: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Words was with God, and the Word was God”. Nada, from the Sanskrit “नाद”, means “sound”. It also means the “words“. Therefore, we can understand about Nada Yoga as “A form of Yoga which is based on the sound to help the meditators unify with the cosmic consciousness“.

For centuries, the Indian has greatly valued the role of sound. In the tradition of India, music brings tranquility and peace to agitated minds and tired body.  It has the power to transform the listener. As the same with Nada Yoga, the meditators will abandon all thoughts, keep the mind calm and get involved with the inner self. In the flow of sound, the meditators create the union of their mind with the cosmic consciousness. Nada Yoga, it can be considered as the powerful form of meditation which leads the meditators to the path of witnessing the cosmic consciousness and evolve themselves by the magical flow of pure sound.

In short, Nada Yoga is the yoga of sound. It uses pure sound as means of meditation. Of course, there are no mantras involved. It covers the stream of consciousness. As final, it makes the union with inner self through sound.


The Nature of Nada Yoga

So as to reach the superconscious or transcendent sound, first of all, the meditators must start the process by experiencing the coarser sounds.

In Nada Yoga, the mediators need to start with listening to the outside sound. It will help the meditators to pay attention to the listening skill and calm down the mind. Next, they begin to listen to the inner sound or the sound of the mind. In the final step, they practice listening to the Ultimate sound (Para Nada) – the sound with no frequency, like the sound of “OM“.

For more details, there are 4 types of Nada Yoga. They are Vaikhari (the audible sound), Madhyama (the mental sound), Pashyanta (the subconscious sound), and Parananda (the transcendent sound). Each type reflects various effects of music for the meditators.

Additionally, hereby a fun fact relating to the sound “OM“. For the Indians, practicing the word “OM” is the way to reconnect with the soul. As relying on this belief, many singers in India tend to pronounce the word “OM” before their performances. They believe that it is a useful method to make preparation and connect with their soul. As the result, they will sing more beautifully.

In sum, we can remember Nada Yoga as an ancient practice that raises one’s consciousness through music. It is honored by the community of music fans and meditators. People practice Nada Yoga all over the world because of its physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

Discovering Some Great Functions And Benefits of The Yoga of Music
  • Music can heal our soul. And Nada Yoga can heal our soul, too. Moreover, it will heal the body.
  • In Nada Yoga, we will find it peaceful. It is because of the function of recovering the balance of the mind.
  • Music and Yoga – these angels can lead us to a healthier and happier life. While we keep calming our mind and let the sound nourish our mind, the body will result in releasing happy hormones (dopamine and serotonin). Thus, our mind will be healthier, and we feel positive.
  • Be healthier, be happier – it means we are living with a sense of well-being. We can live a balanced life. A mindful living is totally under our control.
  • Nada Yoga, like others meditation, can help us to improve concentration and reduces anxiety, fear, aches, and aggression. It will develop the efficiency of our breathing pattern, too.
  • The most important benefit of Nada Yoga: It leads us to self-realization and the union with the cosmic consciousness.


The Way to Practice Nada Yoga

It would be better to have the Yogi of Nada Yoga guided us. However, if we can not find the Master right now, you can follow the guidance below:

First of all, you must have a quiet atmosphere. The totally quiet place is encouraged because it will help you concentrate better. You also need a Yoga zabuton.

Second, ley you sit comfortably in the Yoga zabuton in the cross-legged posture.  Now, it is time to concentrate on the breath.  While your eyes are closed, let you take the slow and deep breath. And, you should put your hands on the knees in the Dhyana mudra. This posture will help you increase the concentration and generate the positive power around you.

Third, let immerse yourself in the atmosphere of sound. You should choose the serene and relaxing sound. It would be better than loud music. The best choice of the type of sound is the instrumental music. All things you need to do now is to enjoy the fulfillment of the sound. Just soak your mind, body, and soul – everything you have in the sound. You belong to the sound in the present.

As time goes by, you shift your attention to your inner self gradually. This is the period of listening to the sound of yourself. The more time you can spend, the better it will be for you. Let you relax your mind, body, and soul completely. You should rest yourself in the deepest state of meditation.

Finally, you open your eyes gently and slowly. And you release the whole body from the posture. After that, let you release your hands and put them on your eyes so as to transfer the generated energy into your body.


Are You Ready to Be The Next Nada Meditator?

“Nada is found within. 
It is a music without strings which plays in the body. 
It penetrates the inner and the outer 
and leads you away from illusion.” 

For maximizing the effect of Nada Yoga, you should repeat this activity every day. Practice makes perfect. After a long time of practicing correctly, you will witness its great benefits. The more times you listen to the inner sound of yourself, the more chances you get close to the cosmic consciousness. This is the truth that ancient Indian Gods had proved. Nowadays, people on the globe have witnessed its meaning. So, will you be the next one? It is never too late to start to listen to yourself and take a step closer to the Cosmic Consciousness. Let’s go!

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