Third Eye Meditation For Unlocking The Infinite Potential

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The third eye meditation is one of the most popular types of Yoga meditation from India. It is also called the door to lead the inner calm, higher consciousness, and the most important thing is the enlightenment. In some cultures, the third eye has another name as “the sixth sense” or “the inner eye“. It sounds great and makes people more curious about its existence. So, in this article, we will discover about its practice and great benefits.

The Third Eye Meditation (or The Shambhavi Mudra)

This is an ancient meditation technique that will help you focus on your third eye chaka (Ajna chakra). It directs the energy to the chakra in order to stimulate and activate the third eye. It also has another name as the “Eyebrow Gazing Mudra”. This means you have to turn your eyes upward so that they are looking directly at the spot between your eyebrows at the location of the third eye chakra. Your continuous concentration points at this position, as the way to keep your mind quiet and silent.

It is the simple technique to focus the mind, which increases your concentration and mental clarity.


How to Practice The Third Eye Meditation

Preparation Before Practicing Meditation

Some useful tips before practicing:

+Let you choose the most appropriate time in your schedule to meditate. Do not eat too much before meditating, too.

+Spend 30 seconds to stretch your body before beginning meditation.

+Like others meditation, you sit in a comfortable position in a quiet room. First of all, you can choose to sit cross-legged on the floor or in a chair, it is up to you. No matter which position you choose, you need to remember to sit up with the straight back, lightly closed-eyes, relaxed shoulders and your chest open.


Practicing The Third Eye Meditation

Later, put your hand resting in on the knees and relax all your body: the face, jaw, and belly. Your tongue rests on the roof of the mouth, behind the front teeth.

Next, you start to breathe in and breath out smoothly and deeply through the nose with closed eyes. Let you try to focus on your breathing. In this period, let you try to look up at the space between the eyebrows – the center of your forehead.  You have to focus your mind and concentration on this spot and look for a while or indigo blue light to appear. If you are not able to get in touch with the third eye immediately, it is not necessary to worry.

Third eye chakra - Unlocking The Infinite Potential
Third eye chakra – Unlocking The Infinite Potential

Then, if you realize that your thought arises in your mind, you should let them go and bring your mind back to concentrate on the third eyes.

It is time for you to access the third eye. At the moment your third eye is activated, you will feel your brain is relaxed but functioning at a new level. You will be aware of the energy around you and be able to focus on an object or an image strongly in your mind. Every people will experience the various effect of the third eye. Maybe, you can see the image of nature, people, or evenly a total strange atmosphere that you have never ever seen before.

Continuously, let you stay your focus on the third eye for 10-20 minutes. You should immerse yourself in the world of the effect of the third eye.

Finally, you move your eyes away from the third eye by becoming more aware of your breath. You end this meditation session by opening your eyes slowly and keep calm for some minutes before standing up.


The Great Benefits of The Third Eye Meditation

Shiva God
Shiva God

Do you realize that the Gods in India religions often have the red dot eye between their eyebrows? And in the dramas or movies, the Kings or talented Monks or individuals in the royal lineage, etc– the figures who are in the high class always are made up with the red dot between their eyebrow, too.

That red dot symbolizes for the third eye or the superpower inside them. Nowadays, people practice the third eye meditation because of its great influence.




Reducing The Negative States – Improving The Consciousness

Practicing the third eye meditation can help the meditators realize the bad states such as stress, anxiety, worry automatically. They can throw all bad states away and concentrate on every present moment in their life. Then, their consciousness will improve naturally. They can get a clearer awareness of the purpose of their life or the meaning of living in the present. Moreover, they not only know the useful things but also know how to apply them in their daily life. Eventually, the meditators’ lives will get better.


Achieving The Mastery

Have you ever heard that the ability to control your emotion or the emotional intelligence (EQ) decides whether you will succeed or not in this twenty-first century? In fact, it is totally exact. And, the third eye meditation can help you succeed in this life.

While you practice the third eye meditation, you become more self-aware and can control your emotions. Not only that, you will stimulate the strong power from inside yourself. This is the “sense” or “sight”, or intuitive wisdom. Your inner intelligence or your third eye intuition know exactly how to help you be healthier, have a deeper relationship, attract money and chances and so on. After practicing the third eye meditation, you can achieve the natural mastery which comes from inside you. This wisdom let you make the precise decisions.


Living A Dreamful Life

The more you practice the third eye meditation, the more your third eye will open. While it opens, you can understand all of your thoughts easily and know how to change them. Instead of getting in stuck with bad states or negative thoughts, you can choose what we want to think about. As a result, when the dark thoughts are cleared, your mind will be nourished by true thoughts.

According to the Law of Attraction, you are what you think about. After practicing the third eye meditation regularly, you purify our thoughts. Gradually, the physical, mental, emotional health will improve. You soul join in a higher level. The good thoughts come in your mind naturally and it will attract the better things into your life. At this level, you can live a life that you have dreamt of because you know clearly the correct path to success, happiness. Nothing will be difficult because the positive energy is inside you. And you just attract the more positive things into your daily lives, of course.


Unlocking The Infinite Potential

The greatest power of the greatest ones in the religions is the ability to observe the unseen and make the impossible things be possible. In daily lives, we might have been wondered about the important things such as the goal of our life, the meaning of living in this universe. Or, the most simple question that most of us always ask ourselves is what job we should do. We usually find it hard to answer the questions that seem to be very simple, however, they are definitely never easy. They are both the questions and the big problems of our life.

Nevertheless, by the third eye meditation, we will come up with the answers. It allows us to see the things we may ignore, listen to the sounds that belong to the hidden world. It provides the useful information to help you make the decisions. And every decision is based on the real wisdom within ourselves.

In conclusion, we can consider the third eye meditation look like the useful technique to stimulate the closed eye in your mind. It looks like the hidden power which falls asleep. When this power is activated, it will enhance your power, improve your awareness to the greater level. And, the most important thing is, you will know the things that you have ever known, and you will be able to make things possible. Finally, we look like the real God of our life by the magical power of the third eye.

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